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9 Simple Ways to Drive Traffic to Your website Using Facebook

Attaining steady traffic to your site can be quite tricky. But by using various social media networking sites, driving traffic to your site can be a lot easier and faster. For this post, Facebook will be discussed and how to bring traffic to your website using Facebook.

Here are 9 simple ways to drive traffic to your site:

1.      Build Your Profile – In order to effectively promote your page through Facebook, you should go to Facebook and first create your profile. This is the perfect way to let people know what you and your site are all about.

Facebook SignUp
You can go to Facebook.com and easily signup – providing your name, email address, birthday and password.

2.      Add Links To Your Website – Facebook allows you to add links to your site from several places. But the most common links is the Facebook social share button or social share box. You can customize the Facebook social share using various plugins.

Facebook Social Plugin
As shown above, Facebook Social plugin allows to create like button, page plugin, and others.

3.      Get Connected – there is nothing more useful than making connections and networking. Facebook was setup with the idea that people can connect with each other. Your job is to get out there, get noticed, make useful connections and get them to come to your site.

4.      Build Your Network – similar to getting connected, you will want to build your network. In Facebook this could mean various things such as meeting people or setting up a group dedicating to discussing topics about your site.

5.      Be An Active Participant –  When making connections and networking, you need to be participating in a mutually beneficial way. In otherwords, you need to like other pages and other posts to engage with other users.

6.      Post Regularly –  You want to show your friends that you are providing useful content and on schedule.

7.      Provide Incentives – Everyone we know and have talked to, love free stuffs. Getting that free lunch has always been a motivator for many people to sign-up or join your page. If you are launching a marketing page or starting a business, try posting “free trial” or “Sign-up for Free E-book download” to engage your audience. Make sure you post about what you want also, including their e-mails and names.

8.      Use Facebook Social Ads – Most people are intimidated or afraid of Facebook advertising. But the simple truth is Facebook advertising is simple. If you have a budget available don’t hesitate to get notice through ads. Facebook ad manager allows  you to have full control of the cost, geo-targetting and demographics.

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9.      Use a Facebook App – Several Facebook apps are available to meet your exact needs, including YouTube App or Twitter App. There are widgets out there that make your marketing, networking and advertising efforts easier. For example you may want to look at adding Skype, or Bing. These are just some of the features you can look at adding.