Pinterest Raises 1Billion (in total)


Remember Pinterest’s massive $200 million Series F round last year? They’re coming back for more — lots more.

According to a just-released filing, Pinterest is looking to raise over half a billion dollars — and it’s already over halfway there.

Pinterest has already raised $367 million dollars in this latest round, and they’re still open to raising another $211 million before they’re done.

If Pinterest sell its entire offering, this latest round (which would be Pinterest’s Series G) will come in at $577,916,906.

The company confirmed to me that its valuation now sits at $11 billion. Meanwhile, a Pinterest rep tells me the company will use this latest round to “fuel international expansion” amongst other things.

Since launching in 2009, Pinterest has raised $764M dollars; once this round closes (whether or not they raise the full $578M), they’ll have surpassed the billion dollar mark.

Pinterest’s crazy funding timeline so far, according to Crunchbase:

Jan, 2010 – 500k Angel round

May, 2011 – $10M Series A

Oct, 2011 – $27M Series B

May, 2012 – $100M Series C

Feb, 2013 – $200M Series D

Oct, 2013 – $225M Series E

May, 2014 – $200M Series F

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Pinterest has been actively engaging the social media community by building various tools, including Pinterest analytics, Rich Pins and few others.

According to WSJ article interview (January 2014) with Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann, his company is expected to have nearly +600 Million revenue. In the interview, Pinterest CEO mentions that IPO is not their end goal of the company. Do you believe that Pinterest is worth at $11Billion valuation and would be worth pursuing to advertise on Pinterest?

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