How Advertising Professional Place Ads: Step by Step Process

Advertising is one of most important aspect of marketing, and can take majority of marketing campaign. Oftentimes, we don’t try to share them because they are supposed to be learned from work or an internship. But today, I am about to show you “how to do advertising” at a real job. Below is the advertising standard of process that is written by Hyun Kim and most advertising professional would place their ads (whether for products, services or brand promotion) using this process. Learn about the advertising placement process by reading below:

  1. Identify the advertisers.(ex: Fox News Health Advertising Contact)
  2. Call the advertising contacts – This usually refers to the advertising department of a newspaper, magazine, radio station and news media
  3. Ask for the Media/Advertising Kit
  • You can e-mail the advertising contact asking for this information.
  • You can download their advertising kit from their website – PDF, Word, EXCEL format.
  1. Find the following details from the advertising kit:
  • Keyword Targeting – Can the advertising company utilize specific keywords to target for each different project?
  • Demographics – What is audience of this advertising medium looks like? (Which Race? Which Gender? Education level? Household Income Level? Behavioral Patterns? Purchasing Patterns? Any distinctive behavioral patterns? Location(city, urban, sub-urban, or rural)?)
  • Pausing & Re-Starting – Can the advertising company pause our ad if necessary or asked?
  • Advertising Audience Targeting – Can the advertising company specifically target certain group of audience? (Ex: Can we target our ads by – Age, Gender, Life Style, Geographic (zip codes), Dates, Time of the Day?)
  • Number of Impressions (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Previous Case Study & Success Rate
  • CPM (Cost per thousand views) for measuring how much the advertising campaign will cost?
  • Number of Advertising Channels? (ex: E-mail, Newsletter, Banner Ads, PR Release, Article Advertising, Point of Purchase advertising)
  • Advertising Specs (What are the size requirements for the digital ads?)
  • What is the regulation, and policy for advertising? (Ex: Are certain words and images are not allowed?)
  1. If above information are not shown 100%, then contact the advertising department and find the missing information.
  2. Compare the target audience and targeting of advertising company with your target audience group.
  3. Calculate the CPM & See if the CPM is reasonable pricing. CPM refers to cost per thousands impression.
  4. Contact the advertising department and ask for the specific advertising campaign capability.
  5. Negotiate with the advertising department for best pricing and their service offering.
  6. Once negotiation is finished, ask for the final contract agreement document and method of payment.
  7. Sign the contract agreement document & payment document.
  8. Keep a copy of the contract agreement document.

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The following article is written by Hyun Kim





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