How To Become a Remarkable Blog

When building a blog, the most important aspect after providing a remarkable value proposition is to create remarkable content about your company and products.

Remarkable Content Allows Others to Link into Your Site

You want your contents to prompt other content products or bloggers on the web to “re-blog” or share your products and services. You want them to link back to your site. Every single links that get shared gives you more followers. The links can send you qualified visitors, and they signal to Google that your site is worthy of ranking within a specific search term. More links equal more traffic from relevant sites, along with free traffic from Google, Twitter, Facebook or Linked or even just other blog sites. if you create a remarkable blog article/white paper, it can spread like wildfire within your target audience. (That’s how TechCrunch, Mashable, and other great blogging websites became what they are today.)

So how do we create a remarkable blog with remarkable content? That’s certainly the most important question.

Based on evaluating various blog sites, including Mashable, TechCrunch, these blogging sites have major aspects that differentiate from others effectively and you can apply them after reading below content.

Building Great Contents

In order for your company or website to win in the business world, you need to create lots of useful “remarkable” content. The people who win really big on the web are the media/content companies (including Wikipedia, New York Times, CNN, TechCrunch) who have a factory for creating contents. They are the power of contents. Each pieces of new content that has links to it can be found through those sites linking to it and through Google, and it can be spread to various social media sites.

The best thing about creating great remarkable article is that the many links in a remarkable article never go away. As you create more content, it just keeps producing more qualified traffic on top of the traffic you are getting on your older content. Therefore, remarkable content works in the exact opposite of paid advertising, which requires consistent payment to bring more visitors to your site and have to keep up with the new ad designs/messages. Remarkable content helps you keep getting more, therefore, you do need to create more content everyday or consistently.

Differentiation By Variety

When you write a blog or an article, you must try different types of content and engage in effective content management. Measuring which type of content posts get the best result (whether it be more clicks, social shares, or reblogs) is the first thing to do. Different types of content work for different market. Below are some of the content example types you can try:

  1. Blog Articles:
    One Page Article with topics related to your industry/market.
  2. White Papers:
    These papers educate your marketplace and audience on an industry trend, insights, etc. White papers are often used to engage your target audience in giving their e-mail contacts and sign up on newsletter.
  3. Videos:
    Try posting short two to three minutes videos about your industry. Product and service videos are great, but they do not generally spread fast unless they are “excellent”. One of the best video informational advertising I’ve seen is “Four Hour Body Workout” by Tim Ferris. Check out his YouTube video: Four Hour Body 
  4. Webinars
    Live online  they are primarily done through using video conference software, including WebEx and
  5. Podcast
    This is a live radio-talk broadcasting (audio, video, digital radio) that people can use. Mini-episodes utilizing podcasts are often shared online. Great example of podcast is
  6. Visuals
    These include infographics, data charts, and images. The more variety there are, the better the content becomes.

Secret Recipe for Building Followers

Building a great content comes with having open-mind set. Many companies, consultants and business professional believe this concept is counter-productive, as people will only steal knowledge and not bring in more users. But it isn’t true. When you share more of your knowledge and know-hows, more people find the content to be remarkable. The better the content and more transparent the knowledge, more links and possibilities the remarkable content bring. Having a narrow mind doesn’t create “great content”. Therefore, you must give more contents and links, to get more from others.

Create, Publish, Market, Optimize and Measure Your Content

With the arrival of social media, the advertising and marketing capability of a company became more open and wide. Twenty years ago, the marketing team’s capability was limited by the thickness of a company’s budget or wallet. But that is no longer the case and it has more to do with wit. To effectively engage your audience, you should create remarkable content, publish it through online blogging system (whether it be Tumblr, WordPress or other), market on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc), optimize the marketing capability with given budget, and measure the success of the blogging/marketing outreach.

Page Linking, Social Shares, and Indexing

In order for the blog to be remarkable, you must measure and understand what is “remarkable” about your page. To do this, you must check three simple things:

  1. Page Linking
    Every time someone shares your page and link to other websites, you should be checking which page they share. More share of a page linking is done, the more links and followers will come through them.
  2. Social Shares
    The number of social shares for a page/article can be the measure of successful blogging. Huffington Post and Mashable have nearly +3.6K shares through their social sharing system, and allow the admin to notice which page had the most Facebook shares vs LinkedIn shares.
    By identifying which target audience enjoys and shares more of your page, you can gear specific audience and build targeted content.
  3. Indexing 
    Whenever a blog is shared to other blog or websites, Google can index your page (You can go to settings in WordPress or Tumblr to set the setting for the Google Indexing. If this is not the case, you have to voluntarily ask Google for indexing.).


In short summary, if you want to create a remarkable blog, remember these five parts:
1. Write Remarkable Content
2. Create Variety of Content Type (Images, Videos, Podcast, Infographics, etc)
3. Share Your Know-Hows & Hard-to-Learn Knowledge. Be Open-minded.
4. Strategize your blogging process: Creating, Publishing, Marketing, Optimizing, and Measuring
5. Maximize Any Sharing Capability: Page-Linking, Social Shares, and Google Indexing

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This article is written by hyunkim.

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