Lecture 7 – How To Build Products Users Love (Kevin Hale)

This is #7 Lecture from Stanford University.

In this video, Kevin Hale introduces how he solved users’ problem and built products that customers loved. Kevin Hale is the founder of Wufoo Form, which was acquire by Survey Monkey for 35 Million valuation. Unlike many other startup CEOs, Kevin Hale compares the product development into simpler idea: Human interaction. Much like how dating is built by the first impression, a website engages the customers from the homepage to “purchase” page. We must engage the customers with passion, interesting narration and provide them with constant engagement. For most people, writing a business form is boring long process, but what if you put little tweak into the customer experience? Wouldn’t it be more fun and engaging if you could ask “Write your last name”, and put a little statement – “What your buddies call you in the army.” You could put a dinosaur sign and when you put your mouse cursor on the dinosaur, it would show “Raarr!”. Sounds Fun, isn’t it?

Getting deeper into the interaction of human interaction, Kevin Hale refers to John Gottman, who published an interesting research document that predicted success rate of a couple by watching their fighting behavior. By watching a 15 minutes video of a couple fighting, John was able to predict how long the couple will last in next 4 years with 85% accuracy. With the 1 hour video of a couple fighting, John is able to predict how long the couple will last next four years by 94% accuracy. The main predictors of how long a couple last are based on four horseman (according to Kevin Hale’s terminology): (1)Criticism, (2) Contempt, (3) Defensiveness, and (4) Stonewalling. These four horsemen can be integrated into solving the business problem – debugging of how to solve customers’ complain about using a product. By integrating and analyzing how the customers’ respond to problem solving, WuFoo Form reduced the stress, negativity and emotional distress from the users.  

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Following content is narrated from Stanford University. The above article was written by Hyun Kim. He has previously built a food small startup by raising $20,000 funding, and built a successful e-commerce business. He currently works on improving Startups Grid as its executive team member. He previously helped build the world’s largest Epilepsy community (Team Epilepsy) with more than +240,000 followers and several other patient support community Facebook pages.