Lecture 4 – Building Product, Talking to Users, and Growing (Adora Cheung)

So you have an idea. How do you go from zero users to many users? Adora Cheung, Founder of Homejoy, covers Building Product, Talking to Users, and Growing, in Lecture 4 of How to Start a Startup. Homejoy rasied around $38 million through Google Venture and a legendary investor Andreessen Horowitz.

When you start a startup, you should have a lot of time immersed into building the startup. Every single day or almost every week, you have to be really focused. Adora Cheung discusses the noob approach in startup and contrasts with an experienced startup CEO. She narrates her failure about her company’s product, but also entails what kind of missteps she took.

Few of her key advises are:
1. Learn a lot. Become an expert.
2. Identify your key customer segment.
3. Storyboard your ideal user

To learn in-depth about the startup building process, watch the above video.
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