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If you wondered how several online service companies built their followers and steady business leads, then you should be looking into “blogging”. Whenever I’ve mentioned blogging to senior managers or MBA consultants, they look at me with a laughing face because they think that blogging is not the effective way to build business. They seemed to think that blogging is shooting a rocket into the sky, hoping the rocket would reach the moon one day. And yes, I would nod my head in agreement unless you realize that most Fortune 500 companies grew their business 200% ~ 500% by building followers through the company’s blog site.

Blogging for business is not a new concept, and more than 89 million links related to blogging and business development are found, as seen below:

Within Google search, "Blogging for Business" generates more than +90M search results.
Within Google search, “Blogging for Business” generates more than +90M search results.

Few years ago, people have said “content is king”, but now, with several content platform generators (including scribd,, and various other websites), the new trend seems to be “platform”. However, content is the ultimate success in building consistent followers and in-flow of visitors.

Social media tools are powerful in rapidly sharing your story. But contrast to blogging, the return on invest in social media tools are not clear. As for blogging, there are key metric measurements/points:

1. Unique Visitors
–  This refers to specific individual visitors rather than a multiple blog visiting visitor (someone who visits the blog numerous times in a day).

2. Number of Comments
– Accumulation of comments allow the visitors to easily engage in conversation or learn in depth about what other visitors have discussed about the article/blog content.

3. Page Views
– The number of specific post has been viewed by blog visitors

4. Time on Website
– #minutes of each visitor stay in the blog

5. Quality of Comments
– Length, keywords, and positive feedbacks in comment can be accumulated

6. Number of Social Shares
– Popularity or effectiveness of an article is often measured by how many Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin Shares a blog post has

Based on my observation of various popular top blog sites, there are five major similarities:
1. They create their own contents. You can’t blog your way to the blog stardom by using a ghost writer or reposting.
You would be deemed as a poser by many followers, and will most likely lose your blog reputation in the long run.

2. Invest in website design – especially in UI/UX (User Interface & User Experience) Great blog website, while writing several highly relevant posts, focuses on building a user-friendly website. Easy to access, along with user-friendly navigation links/scrolls help your blog visitors to focus on reading your contents rapidly and with ease.

3. Focused & Niche-Based Contents. Create contents that are unique to specific group of individuals, or identify your target audience and define your goals of the blog. For example, focuses on providing practical and actionable insights that help build small business owners and new startup CEOs business growth.

4. Patience, Persist, and Passion. Your web visitors are more likely to visit your website when there are frequently updated information available. At first, your blog may not have high level of visitors. But over time, with the accumulation of different blog contents, you will have increased level of visitors. So keep on writing. Have patience, be persistence, and write with passion.

5. Build Your Blog To Educate and Help Others. Being social is about sharing and helping others grow. In order to be popular or valuable by your blog visitors, you need to provide contents that help them grow. Many blog site that focuses on what you want or narcissistic personal blog doesn’t get follower.

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Following article is written by Hyun Kim
Hyun Kim has previously built a food small startup with bootstrapping method. Not only he is well-versed in blogging, but he is continuously learning and developing from top startup CEOs. He believes in building value-based business, and rather than theorizing, he focuses on finding practical and actionable insights. “Action speaks louder than words” is one of his favorite quote.
He previously helped build the world’s largest Epilepsy community (Team Epilepsy) from its early stage using growth strategy, and providing unorthodox business strategy.

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