A Guide to Getting Angel Investors (04/09/2013)

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Joined by five different startup CEOs:
Naval Ravikant, Co-founder, AngelList
Bill Clerico, CEO and Co-founder, WePay
Dave McClure, Founder, 500 Startups
Elad Gil, Serial Entrepreneur; Advisor; Investor
Christina Brodbeck, Entreprenuer and Angel Investor

Michael Copeland, Senior Editor, Wired – Moderator

The Bay Area is a modern mecca for innovators and tech go-getters – all of whom are looking for a way to fund their newest concept. Amidst more common means of financial backing (via VC firms, bootstrapping, and the newly trendy crowd funding), angel investment has quickly earned a reputation as the most elusive and sought after source of capital. Budding entrepreneurs are wondering – what makes my startup an attractive investment? How do I secure the support of these angels? How do I maximize my pitch? An intersection of incubation and venture capitalism, angel investing represents a whole new set of opportunities for getting your idea off the ground and maximizing returns.

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