5 Facebook Marketing Tips You Can’t Afford to Overlook

Everyone at this point has read about implementing the official Facebook like button or box to turn website visitors into likes, writing engaging status updates, using Facebook advertising, and reviewing insights to get more out of Facebook for business.
But there are even more things you could be doing that doesn’t get as much publicity. Here are five tips to boost your Facebook marketing experience.

1. Add a Link to Your Page’s About Information

Assuming you don’t have a local business page, one of the key things you can do to increase clicks to your website from Facebook is simply add your website link to your page’s About description.

To add your link, simply go to the Basic Information section of your Edit Page settings. Then add your description and website link.

Be sure to test it after saving to make sure your website link shows up properly and clicks successfully through to your website. Because let’s face it – not many people click on the About link to find other links to your website.

2. Link Personal Profiles to Your Facebook Page

Imagine dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people on Facebook marketing your Facebook Page to all of their friends and family. You can make that a reality by encouraging everyone at your business to link their personal profiles to your Facebook Page.

It’s a simple process: Each person will need to like the Facebook Page first, then go to their personal profile’s About information. Under Work and Education, they will enter the company name and choose the Facebook Page from the dropdown. Once they have added their details and set it as their current place of employment, it will show up on their personal profile. They can hover over the link to confirm it is correctly associated to your Facebook Page.

3. Create Custom Content

Another way to boost the user experience and marketing potential of your Facebook Page is to add custom content. You can use these areas to market anything – your newest products, online store, upcoming events, or other social profiles. The best part is that you don’t have to know code or have a Facebook developer on your team to add custom content to your page.

There are a lot of companies who offer apps that can do just about anything on Facebook. NORTH SOCIAL, for example, has over 20 apps to choose from that you can quickly add to your page. And if you look at tools you use, you might discover they offer Facebook Page apps as well. STATIG.AM offers an Instagram newsfeed app to share your Instagram Activity. Shopify connects with BEETAILER to sell your products on Facebook. The possibilities for your eight to ten custom apps are endless.

Want to make sure visitors from your website go to a particular custom content tab on your Facebook Page? While you can’t have a tab as the default landing for your Facebook Page, you can link to it directly. Simply visit the custom content tab on your page and grab the URL from your browser’s address bar.

4. Educate Your Fans

Want a wall post idea that you can use to increase the engagement of your page? Educate your fans on how to get notifications when your page posts new updates. Even celebrities do it!
The best way to do it is by grabbing a screenshot of your page while hovering over your Liked button with the Get Notifications option highlighted. Then post the photo to your Facebook Page.

Be sure to use the Promoted Posts option (if you have over 400 likes) to get the message out to as many of your fans possible – and even their friends. It will be the best $15 you will spend on Facebook if you can get more of your fans notified about your posts.

5. Analyze Beyond Insights

Feel like there is more you could learn about your Facebook marketing results beyond what is measured in Facebook Insights? There is, and there are a lot of tools that can help you – including Google Analytics and AgoraPulse.

You can learn even more about your Facebook marketing with third-party analytics providers, and it’s definitely something worth investing in if you want to further improve your Facebook marketing strategy.


kristi-hines-200_400x400Following post is written by Kristi Hines.
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