Do Know Your Marketing Analytics Tools?

Knowing analytics and measuring your marketing ROIs (Return on Investments) are most important in any marketing campaign. The best way to learn about mobile analytic is to know the mobile marketing analytics tools – including TestFlight, Google Analytics, Localytics, MixPanels and many other analytics tools. Some of the analytics tools I am aware are the following:

  • Google Analytic: As most people are aware, Google Analytics is the standard marketing analytics. It tracks user behaviors, CPC/CTR, mobile vs desktop users, multi-channel funneling, and events. If you are well-versed in Google Analytics, you will know it is a good basic tool, but lacks most advanced features like Cohort-based analysis for Retention. It doesn’t focus on Mobile Apps as effective as other analytics tools. To learn more about Google Analytics training, you can visit at Google Analytics Youtube
  • Localytics: It uses In-App Analytics and can be used in iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, HTML5. On Localytics’s first screen, once you have added your apps, Localytics presents you an overview of each one with the number of sessions or users. In the premium/enterprise versions you can compare your apps with various criteria (new vs. returning, sessions, users, etc.) and also build your own queries to get a .csv file. Localytics features include (1) App usage and reports (by location, device, carrier, app version, unique users), (2) Users and sessions (time periods and new vs. returning), (3) Heatmaps, (4) Screenflow, (5) Funnels, (6) Cohort-based retention, (7) Segments, and (8) Customer Lifetime Value (LTV). The company also raised more than $16 Million recently (source:¬†TechCruch)
  • TestFlight: TestFlight has been focused on providing its own SDK and focused on one thing: Building flawless mobile apps before hitting the App market for public users usage. TestFlight provides real-time coding and downtime errors, beta test users’ real-time feedbacks/comments, and focuses on fixing your apps.
  • MixPanels: It seems pretty exhaustive. It has cohort-based analysis, tracks individual users and allows to dive deep into your data. Apparently, it is weak on the User Acquisition side, and doesn’t track any vital capability. You have to pay quick though, but it’s not expensive.
  • KISSmetrics: It is focuses a fair amount on e-business and little on Mobile. Desktop website companies are happy with KISSmetrics, but it is limited on Mobile website or App. It could certainly improve more.
  • Kontagent: This analytics seems pretty thorough and well built. They are the only ones that cover K-factor. They also have user-level tracking, cohort-based analysis, or deep dives capacity. I don’t know their pricing. (If you don’t know what K-Factor is, it is the formula that shows the growth pattern. You can learn the equation in here. Kontagent also have announced their merger with Playhaven, a top mobile gaming development company. Source: TechCrunch). Kontagent was recently re-branded as “upsight” analytics.
  • Flurry – It was recently acquired by Flurry’s analytics tool allows advertisers to understand the user behaviors – specifically identify the events (clicks or web visits) of your mobile app or website and help create user acquisition strategy effectively. Flurry currently has more than 170,000 app developers and tracks over 540,000 apps. It is also the leader of the market, so it’s a safe bet. It doesn’t provide cohort-based analysis or the ability to dive deep into your data. It focuses a fair amount on user acquisition but doesn’t have K-factor, so you can’t assess your viral growth. It also doesn’t track unique users, it aggregates everything, so you can’t use the tool for Community Management, but it is free.

    If you have used any other marketing analytics tools, then share in the post. Feel free to comment.