4Ps of Successful Company

While attending a competitive strategy course at Purdue MBA, I started to write down my thought about how several successful companies are built through the several years. It seems very clear that they have several common aspects, and they look rather simple, not complex. (Note: This is an initial idea of 4Ps of Successful Company).… Continue reading 4Ps of Successful Company


Growing Mobile Purchasing Trend

With the growing trend in mobile usage by millennium and young adults, several startups based around mobile chatting system are on the rise, including Skout, MeetMe, and other niche focused companies. We can expect to see more several mobile advertising and chat platforms on the rise, along with IoT and several app development. As of… Continue reading Growing Mobile Purchasing Trend

Marketing, Startups

15 Growth Marketing Ways for User Acquisiton

In a startup, growth is the fundamental needle that moves the future of a company. Not only growth of users brings in additional revenues, but also it can help identify new product improvements, provide real customer feedback, develop new unidentified profitable customer segment, and gain future funding from angel investors. Hence, within a startup, growth… Continue reading 15 Growth Marketing Ways for User Acquisiton

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Book Review #2: Cutting-Edge Marketing Analytics

Book Title: Cutting-Edge Marketing Analytics ISBN: 0-13-355252-7 Publisher: Pearson Education, Inc. Written by three University of Virginia Professors, Cutting-Edge Marketing Analytics is a how-to guide on practical and sensible marketing analytics. It emphasis on connecting marketing inputs to customer behavior, and utilizes different predictive models (based on historical information, experiments, or heuristics) to develop the… Continue reading Book Review #2: Cutting-Edge Marketing Analytics

Strategy Questions To Know

15 Questions to Evaluate Your Organization Strategy

What is Your Current Strategy? We set a clear goal and plans, which do not change frequently. We execute to achieve them. We strive to realize an imagined end state, and we react flexibly to obstacles that we encounter along the way. We identify opportunities to reduce costs and preserve capital, guided by detailed plans,… Continue reading 15 Questions to Evaluate Your Organization Strategy