Investing in Future Growth Stock

During the last two years, I have been privately investing in small giants. Unknown to the most consumers, these companies provide extremely high-value return (including return of 300% stock profit within 1YR or as much as 40% return in 6 months). Some of these companies are under-the-radar, and require understanding of their business. To me, … Continue reading Investing in Future Growth Stock


Financial Analysis – 101 Review

Three important financial accounting concepts you must know: Liquidity, Debt, and Profitability. Even if you are not an accounting major, you need to recognize these three accounting concepts play important role in the company's future growth and sales. So let's review these in brief format. Analyzing Liquidity   Liquidity is important during a company's bankruptcy, … Continue reading Financial Analysis – 101 Review

Learning to Program

As an aspiring marketing manager, I find that most of the digital marketing manager job requirements are SEO/SEM, Digital Marketing Analytics, Content Management, E-mail Marketing, and Social Media. (Source for top 7 marketing manager skills) Yet, the majority of these skills are often subsidized really easily by non-major students, who studied English, Art, Philosophy or … Continue reading Learning to Program

South Korean President IMPEACHED.

I don't usually post this online but there is a historical event going in South Korea. As of today, the Korean senate and government officials voted to impeach the Korean president Park Gun Hye. News are everywhere in CNN and other major media. Link:  This is really happening in South Korea.... #SouthKorea #PresidentImpeached #AP #CNN

SAS Logistics Regression

Following the SAS - Logistic Regression for Retail Relay Data. This is for the marketing analytics data - the eopenrate. * Read in data; * Available at ""; proc import datafile="W:\chapter-14-relay-C-test.xlsx" out = retailrelay dbms=xlsx replace; sheet = "relay test.csv"; getnames = yes; run; quit; * Run logistic regression - average order $ amount; proc … Continue reading SAS Logistics Regression